Triumph in Tough Times


By Marcos Medina

It has always been the desire of my heart to be part of a well-known pharmaceutical company. This became a reality in February 2010 and has really been a tremendous blessing. However, in September a bombshell dropped. As a result of an unsatisfactory company performance, its subsidiary in Australia decided to cut the workforce, creating massive panic among the employees. Initially I was also disturbed, but the Lord spoke to my spirit that it is His will for us to be Overcomers and Conquerors! Problems can either break us or promote us, and during time I had the choice of wallowing up in sadness and self-pity or overflowing in Joy - I chose the latter.

In The past I allowed my emotions to rule me. I went to church every Sunday and led a home group. However, in private, emotions had their mastery over me and I would often catch myself weeping in despair and sorrow. Yet from my pastor’s teaching, I learned that I must be dominated by my spirit, not my emotions.  Therefore over the past few years, I trained my spirit to commune with the Lord.  I developed the confidence that Christians can get through tough times triumphantly because of our faith in the Lord Jesus.

So when the day approached for the company to announce who would be retained or made redundant, I had the assurance that everything would be okay. I had peace in my heart and believed that My God was able and faithful. And sure enough, the day just before the announcement, my manager informed me that my job was secure and I had no need to worry.  Praise the Lord for His goodness!!




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