Thank You Lord


by Christoffel Troskie

Oh Lord, to Thee in love I raise
My grateful heart in ceaseless praise;
To Thee I come, too Thee I sing,
To Thee my life,  my all I bring;
Oh Lord, may all I have be Thine,
For all Thou hast thru Christ is mine.

And as Thy gifts so full and free
Flow from Thy throne and rest on me,
Let not their wonder catch my view
Or turn my heart from worship true;
I want not gifts to take Thy place
But thru each one to see Thy face.

Behind each blessing help me see
Oh Lord, my Father, only Thee;
In love for Thee I want to live,
Not seeking wealth or paths of ease
But only Thee each day to please.

This will not pay the debt I owe
Yet in a measure it will show.
A true "thank you" than words can say;
So Lord, to Thee I humbly pray
That thru life's journey I shall be
A living "thank you" unto Thee.



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