Triumph in Tough Times


By Marcos Medina

It has always been the desire of my heart to be part of a well-known pharmaceutical company. This became a reality in February 2010 and has really been a tremendous blessing. However, in September a bombshell dropped. As a result of an unsatisfactory company performance, its subsidiary in Australia decided to cut the workforce, creating massive panic among the employees. Initially I was also disturbed, but the Lord spoke to my spirit that it is His will for us to be Overcomers and Conquerors! Problems can either break us or promote us, and during time I had the choice of wallowing up in sadness and self-pity or overflowing in Joy - I chose the latter.

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Thank You Lord


by Christoffel Troskie

Oh Lord, to Thee in love I raise
My grateful heart in ceaseless praise;
To Thee I come, too Thee I sing,
To Thee my life,  my all I bring;
Oh Lord, may all I have be Thine,
For all Thou hast thru Christ is mine.

And as Thy gifts so full and free
Flow from Thy throne and rest on me,
Let not their wonder catch my view
Or turn my heart from worship true;
I want not gifts to take Thy place
But thru each one to see Thy face.

Behind each blessing help me see
Oh Lord, my Father, only Thee;
In love for Thee I want to live,
Not seeking wealth or paths of ease
But only Thee each day to please.

This will not pay the debt I owe
Yet in a measure it will show.
A true "thank you" than words can say;
So Lord, to Thee I humbly pray
That thru life's journey I shall be
A living "thank you" unto Thee.

Never the Same


by Joshua Clark

You might have heard people say how much their lives have changed for the better since they found GOD. For me, it is definitely TRUE!

For years I was what you might call a ‘fake’ Christian. I believed that God existed but my mind wasn’t on Him. I would try to understand the bible, give tithes and attend church every week. But my thoughts were very negative. Therefore I became depressed and stored up a lot of anger inside. Consequently, my family relationship suffered and I even got into a lot of trouble with the law.

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Ruhia Jones的见证





Rudy Susanto的见证

传道书 2:14a:智慧人的眼目光明,但是愚昧人在黑暗里行。


虽然我父母不是基督徒,但是他们将自己的孩子送进了天主教学校。那时候,那是Muntok唯一的一所适合的小学。我的一些同学每周一次地在教室的前面排好队,然后跟着老师一起走到我们学校附近的一个教会。当时6岁的我对此感到很困惑,由于我不知道为什么自己没有被允许一同前去。之后我被告知:“你不是一个天主教徒”。于是我就想着:“他们一定是非常特殊的人” 。






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