Fresh Manna August 2016-1

Divine Health -Emotional Health 1- The Choice Is Yours
Jos 24:15  choose you this day whom ye will serve 
When God created us, He puts emotions into our soul with which we can interact with the world around us.  When we see the beauty of nature, we exclaim praise and wonder; when we interact with people, we express kindness and friendliness; when we worship God, we express adoration and exaltation.  Emotions are created to be supportive and expressive of our excellent spirit.  Positive emotions are warm, nourishing, edifying, assuring and uplifting; for ourselves, others and toward God!  Living with positive emotions contributes greatly towards good personal mental and physical health; healthy and strong family relationships and a prosperous working environment.  On the other hand negative emotions are very destructive, tormenting and devastating.  Every day people in the world are being bombarded with negative emotions like fear, hate, rejection, dejection, offence, sorrows and anxiety all the time!  Some fall into romantic infatuations over and over again, just to be disappointed, hurt and abused!  Some tend to believe that there is nothing you can do about your feelings, they come and go as the situation arises; sometimes positive, most of the time negative. Feelings are mixed for that is part of being human and you just have to live with them.  There are places that you can go to for a high or stress release like clubs, cinemas and theme parks, while some love to be thrilled or scared by doing giant drops, sky diving and bungee jumping!  So they fall as victims to chemical reactions or emotional manipulations of situations and demonic devices!  The question is Emotions, can you trust them?  Feelings, what can you do about them?  The ecstasy of heavenly joy, the happiness of a heart-felt laughter, the cries of deep, sorrowful hurts, the screams of tormenting fear!  Is it possible for us to pick and choose to have just the good feelings?  The answer from the Bible is “ Absolutely YES”!
Deu 30:19  I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live 
We should never neglect “Divine Health”.  Keep up with this series. 
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