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Successful Warfare Strategies 1- Never React

Est 1:12
But when they conveyed the emperor's order to Queen Vashti, she refused to come. 
Queen Vashti reacted to the King’s summon to show her beauty off in public.  She blatantly refused His order.  They must be having a very good marriage up to this point, the King had been enjoying her beauty and was obviously very proud of her.  She must be very confident of herself, her position of favour in the King’s heart.  Yet, she reacted in pride and anger against the King’s “order given when he was drunk!  ”  This led to her banishment from the presence and the favour of her King and husband!  
Est 1: 13
The king was furious but first consulted his lawyers, for he did nothing without their advice
The King though was consulting instead of reacting, he made the mistake of consulting the wrong people.  The “men pleasers” and “yes men” who made use of his reactions, causing regrets later.
Est 2:1
But after King Ahasuerus' anger had cooled, he began brooding over the loss of Vashti, realizing that he would never see her again. 
A reaction is something felt, thought or done in response to a situation or event.  It is a relief to a driving impulse, thought or emotion. Reactions can be very harmful, even detrimental!  Medically, reactions to a drug, a treatment can even be fatal!
The devil is a slave-driver, his tactic is to drive, to exert pressure, to push, to harass.  He tactic is to stir up storms and darkness over and around us to oppress us, to cause us to lose the clarity and soundness of mind!  Remember to succumb to pressure is to yield to the enemy’s temptations, to fall into his traps and pits; to lose our place of freedom, authority and victory!  The Devil is always nervously rushing but God is always at peacefully directing!  If you are rushing then God is behind you, to rectify your mistakes; but if you are waiting on Him, then He is before you, making a way for you!  I want God to be ahead of me not behind me?  What about you?
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Pastor Dora

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