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The Genesis Principle 1: Knowing The Power Of Starting Right

    Heb_12:2  looking to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith
    Rosh Hashanah means the "head of the year." It is also called the Feast of the
    Trumpets. The ram's horn was a trumpet in Biblical times to announce the new moon
    or month. God marked the beginnings of all things: the first born, the first fruit, the
    first month, the tithe.  So obviously, there must be major significance to the “First or
    Let’s have a look at the synonyms for “start”: dawn, spring, initiate, birth, originate,
    begin, commence, count down, foundation, take off then, the most important Bible
    Words: Alpha, Author, Head, Genesis.
    Dawn is the beginning and the most beautiful part of a day.  Spring is the beginning of
    all seasons with a good supply of rain and moderate temperature , it’s the time for new
    growth .   The start is vital, foundational!  Why? The start is when the soil is prepared,
    the seeds are sown, the sprouts take root, become strengthened, established, then
    shoot up and grow to become a fruit bearing tree.  The Start is when you decide your
    location, direction, foundation in order to launch off, to arrive at your target, to
    achieve your goal, to fulfil your desires and dreams.  Unless one starts right, he is not
    going to finish right.  There will be regrets, costly alterations, waste of time, energy
    and money along the way if we do not spend quality time examining, checking and
    confirming whether our beginning is right and good!
    God decrees the importance of the starting year of a new marriage in Deu 24:5. 
    UNICEF says the first few years of life have a major influence on child's success later
    in life – from good health and success in school, to the level of self-esteem and social
    skills.  God has put the Genesis Principle in place so that we pay attention to how we
    start our life, our children’s life and all other works that we do. 
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    Pastor Dora




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