Fresh Manna December 2014- 4

Defeating Controlling Spirits- Good Will To Men


Luke 2:14: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.


“Good will to men”, is such a powerful angelic proclamation from heaven!  God’s heart shouting from the highest heaven that He Is Our Lover not Judge!  His heart is forgiveness, rebirth, new life, new beginning and eternal bliss!  God who can do all things, who can bestow all good, He is telling the whole world that his Will is Good toward all men!  This is the dispensation of Jubilee, of forgiveness of sins!  Repentance opens the flood gates of heaven to pour out God’s mercy, grace and peace to men!  Go with the heart beat of heaven, let out of all resentment, hurt, unforgiveness, criticism and meanness!  Let the generosity of heaven take over your life!


Christmas is a time of Reconciliation, Men to God and to each other.  It is true that the goodness of men can bring about the goodness of God.  God wants us to love one another, to be at peace with each other.  Christmas is a time of forgiveness, reconciliation, peace and joy! We are a Holy-Ghost family, building up one another in the Lord. We need one another. We need to bless others. Let one of your New Year resolutions be: to build relationships. Be conscious to bless and appreciate the people God puts across your paths and pray for them. On purpose, reach out to your family and those whom you have neglected. Intercede for those “ugly” people in your lives- those who mistreat and misunderstand you. Release the blessings of God upon others’ lives. Love is intentional, purposeful and devotional. Initiate and start the cycle of grace and blessings, do not wait for someone to be nice to you first! On purpose, win souls and reconcile people to God.  See yourself as a gift to God, to His church and to your family and friends!  Life is glorious and wonderful!


Merry Christimas!! 


We should never neglect “the study of Spiritual Warfare”.  Keep up with this series on Spiritual Warfare!


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God bless you!

Pastor Dora





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