Fresh Manna December 2014- 3

Defeating Controlling Spirits- Intercessory Power

Intercessors are those who are praying for someone else.  God has created the human community to bless each other, though the devil has so perverted human relationships that they have become a source of sorrows and heartache!  Intercessors are those who would stand in the gap in prayer so that through their heart-felt words uttered to God, power might be released to bring rescue to those in captivity.  Parents are to be intercessors for their children, couples for each other, pastors for their church members and believers for the lost.  Relationships are channels for spiritual power to flow through.  Intercessory prayers must be heart felt and persistent for them to reach the desired results, for you are battling against spiritual wickedness that are controlling their captives.  Only earnest persistence can shatter the chains of darkness and bring light and freedom from heaven!  Spiritual strength which is faith in the Word is mighty to bind the strong man and spoil the devil’s house.  Intercession is a godly duty not a feeling.  We do not have to be prompted to intercede.
I Samuel 12:23: Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you
Through prayer, we sway the evil influence away from the victims.   We can also move circumstances to facilitate the fulfillment of the plan of God.  When you intercede for people, you focus on the person(s) to release God’s influence over his life.  Prayer is a privilege, a command and a discipline that brings great honor and blessings!  Intercessors move by the unction, the promptings of the Holy Spirit in the course of prayer, for as the Spirit moves, divine power is released.  You can train yourself to become an intercessor.  “Practice makes perfect” is a divine principle as well.  Consistent practice makes your goal accessible and obtainable!  The widow who kept knocking on the door of the unrighteous judge got her answer!  Be repetitive, persistent and consistent, do not give up until you see the victory.   Be a co-laborer with Christ, labor in prayer with Him on purpose and on schedule!  Devils are very persistent and discipline, we must win over them in our service unto the Lord!
We should never neglect “the study of Spiritual Warfare”.  Keep up with this series on Spiritual Warfare!
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