Being Full Of Hope 1

Romans 15:13: Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Being hopeful is being spiritual, your spirit is high, is energetic, and is working mightily filling you with faith and hope. Joy is related to hope, they are brothers that work together. There is nobody who is pessimistic, gloomy and in despair can be joyful. Joyful and hopeful are both holy emotions that build us up and stir us on in this journey of Glorious Life in Christ Jesus. The synonyms of hopeful are: optimistic, confident, assured, looking forward to, anticipating, buoyant, sanguine, expectant, promising, encouraging, bright, reassuring, cheerful, rosy, heartening, auspicious, propitious. They all are words indicating a positive and favorable disposition in the person towards his future. To hope is to look forward to or to expect. “Hope” is a force, energy, and a power within you that “connects” you to your future. Remember God created us to be a prophetic people with the power to shape our future. It’s only after the fall that mankind becomes the tail, the victim and the slave instead of the head, the victor and the master. People cannot live joyful for long without hope. Continual disappointments will grieve his heart and damage his health. Hope is a connecting word, it links up, if not to the right object, will bring continual disappointments and therefore, lots of destruction. Picture yourself in a boat about to throw your anchor so that you can land and run; where will you throw your anchor to, something solid or drifting; solid of cause! That is Hoping in God. When you hope, you throw the anchor of your hope and tie it in with God. Then you are at peace, at rest! Hope is also a future word, not present. Hope is like a distant treasure chest, with lots of valuables. Your heart aspires to it, expects to see and lay hand of it. For that to happen, you must set your heart in the right course of “biblical hope”, Colossians 1:27: Christ in you, the hope of glory; so that you will be taken to your glorious destiny which is over and above all that you can ask, think and dream!

George Herbert He that lives in hope danceth without music.

God bless you!
Pastor Dora Siu


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