Joy and Christ Consciousness

When you are living in the reality of your salvation, you cannot help but rejoice!  Salvation alone is enough to set your heart in exceeding joy!  All my sins are surely forgiven, I am not, never will be condemned, accused, punished on earth or in hell!  How awesome is that!  That is enough to shout for joy!  Consciousness is a great thing, it means awareness, living in the knowledge, the reality of it.  A man has millions of dollar at his disposal yet is living in poverty, why?  He is not aware of it, He is not living in the possession of what he is entitled to!  Christians, we must know who we are, what we are given and entitled to.  Joy is the thermometer of your Christ Consciousness. 

When your salvation is a living reality to you, you rejoice!  Joy will be a living stream that gushes out of your being all the time!  When it dawns on you by the Holy Spirit that sin and death has no authority, no power over you, you are not subject to sickness, accidents, poverty, evil, demons nor calamity any more, you will shout for joy, even from the mountain top! Jesus said do not be happy because the demons are in subjection to you, there is something greater, your names are written in heaven! The bible calls this surpassing joy!  Dwell on this for a moment: you are a saint, a king, a more than conqueror, a holy priest, a prophet for God!  Wow!  Rejoice!  In this life, you are a leader, an influencer for God, a kingdom builder!  You are going to dramatically change the lives of the people around you from sin, poverty and death to righteousness, prosperity and eternal life! Wow!  Rejoice!  You may have been misunderstood or mistreated, Jesus said in Luke 6:23, to leap for joy for your reward will be great in heaven!  This is the supernatural joy that no one can take away from you.  This is the high power that supersedes all natural troubles.

Helen Keller

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”


God bless you!

Pastor Dora Siu


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