GOD is Loving and Merciful

God is Loving & Merciful, Not Harsh and Bitter

There had been a lot of disasters, in so many places, in such big scales; but actually, the world is very tragic:-strife, hurts, disappointments, poverty, lack, relationship break down, sickness, accidents, the list goes on and on.


It's not God punishing sinners, God is not into Punishment or we would all have been "punished" long ago; He is unconditional love, grace, mercy, redemption, teaching, enlightenment , revelation, empowerment. The reason why the world is so fragile and sad is “the wages of sin is death", not just the act of dying but the works of death like: disasters, catastrophes, accidents, sickness etc.  Sin is defiling and corrupting the planet and it's atmosphere like virus to health. People sin knowingly and unknowingly; we need redemption, revelation and empowerment. Yet we are too self- centered, self-opinionated, self-bound and self- gratifying to seek after the truth, after God. The devil is the god of this world, he works by the power of sin to bring about evil and destruction, but Jesus took on our sin and offered forgiveness and redemption.

As for Christians, we have started the walk of faith but we need to continue to grow in His love, leadership, guidance, enlightenment. To love God is to know Him. If we don't grow in the knowledge of God, then we are weak and vulnerable to the enemy's schemes. It's only when we learn to hear His voice and live by His guidance then can we be in tune with Him to allow Him to mentor n protect us from the destructive works of the enemy.

As for children, before they reach the age of accountability: recognizing their sinfulness and wilfully sinning, they are all saved and delivered from eternal death; they go into the presence of God, heaven, after their physical death.

God bless you as you hunger for and mature in Him! 


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