As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!

by Dr.Daphne Liu


Since we were born, my parents focused all their attention on educating us, and instilling strong family values into our young minds. Being the eldest child, I was always involved in decision-making, and my parents gave me a platform to achieve my very best under their guidance. They were my rock, and my best friends.

Then in my high-school years, I attended a church camp. Being new to Australia, I desperately wanted my social circle to broaden, and it was there I met my Greatest Friend - Jesus. I started attending church regularly, and loved hearing sermons. God removed the inferiority complex from within, and gave my future a deep sense of calling and responsibility. I was delivered from sorrows and depression, even suicidal thoughts, to become positive in my outlook. My life was meaningful and full of hope.

Meanwhile, I completed my university degree and was embarking on a promising medical career. My parents did not understand the transformation in me, but to their dismay, I was sinking “deeper into Christianity”. They feared that I was being “brain-washed” by my pastor, and I would become a “religious fanatic”. Even though I was doing well in my course and at work, in their eyes any Christian involvement might detract me from achieving the success they had expected of their daughter. They had a plan for me, but God had a better one…

In the midst of all the conflict, I wanted to please God as well as my parents. Being the dutiful daughter, I endured numerous arguments and harsh receptions after returning from church services every time. I tried to connect church friends with my parents, but they never got on well. I exhausted all the natural means my own wisdom can conjure up, yet their hearts were hard against God. So my joy depleted gradually. I realised the time would come when I had to let go of my parents, and allow God to step in. But fear haunted me… What if they completely turn away from God because I moved out? Would I stumble them forever?

Eventually I knew I could not compromise anymore, and I moved out. The following 12 months proved to be a trying time. Spiritually I was soaring like a bird just released from a cage. I freely attended church without fearing any quarrel when I returned home. I enjoyed spending my quiet time with God without being scolded. However, my parents could not appreciate that, with the grace of God, I was flourishing as a young adult, and they continued to oppose my commitment to God. Sensing the widening gulf between us, I found myself barely standing sometimes. Yet, God’s grace was sufficient for me, and with the support of my pastor and many church friends, we persistently interceded for their salvation.

Finally, the breakthrough came! While in Taiwan, Dad became very sick. The phone calls from my parents revealed increasing desperation. I entered the most intense spiritual battle for their souls for the next few weeks. One day, I received the most incredible news – my parents were saved and would be baptised soon!! Apparently, months prior to that, Mum gladly received invitation to Christian meetings as she wanted to learn more about her daughter’s “religion”. And when Dad became ill, she remembered the testimonies she heard in those meetings, and how years ago, God healed my body. She started to lay hands on Dad and prayed in Jesus’ name. Miraculously, God answered her prayers every time, so that Dad’s physical discomfort would ease and he could sleep soundly that night. Although they appeared antagonistic towards Christianity on the outside, God was softening their hearts on the inside. The fight of faith prevailed, and God was victorious!!

Now Christianity is the centre of our conversation. God not only restored our relationship, He made it better than I could ever ask or think! Whenever we gather, we talk about God- the passion of our soul. We swap testimonies, and preach to one another. My parents love to pray, especially around the dinner table. They often pray so much that we need to eat cold meals! They are rooted in a good local church in Taiwan, and serve God fervently. Remarkably, their pastor has a very similar background as mine- both leaders they appreciate and honour. The attractiveness of God is evident to Mum as it has been to me, as she loves the Word and listening to sermons. Dad’s focus is not longer on his own family, as he now nurtures a home group, consisting of his newly-converted Christian patients and friends. Seeing the changes in them, I marvel at the awesomeness of God’s power and the faithfulness of His promises. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!




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