I do my best and God will do the rest

by Lee Wan

I am the only one out of the ten children in my family who is saved.  Over a period of a few years, I wrote to my brothers and sisters in Singapore and Malaysia, sharing the joy and peace that I received from our Lord.  I normally wrote one letter addressed to all my brothers and sisters and sent a photocopy to each, as I didn’t have the time to write to each one of them.  I never mentioned anything about asking them to repent and receive Christ Jesus as their Saviour.  All my brothers and sisters except my youngest sister were too busy to reply to my letters anyway.  So, I never expected any reply from them.

One day, I received a letter from my youngest sister.  She only wrote me this, “You can believe in whatever you want to believe.  Don’t you ever mention anything about your God to us any more.”  I was very hurt.  All that I wanted to do was to share my joy, which was and still is overflowing.  I find it so hard to contain and hold it back.  So, this was all that I was doing.  Of course, I was hoping that through reading my letters, they could understand the reason of my joy.

 I stopped writing letters to them.  I only prayed (and am still praying) for God to open their hearts.  There were so many times that I asked God, “I have done whatever I can do.  Why aren’t You doing anything, yet?”  There were also times that I kept comforting myself and reassuring myself:  The timing is up to our Lord.

 You know what?  One day in April 2007, I received a phone call from my eldest sister in Singapore.  She was given a free air ticket and she was coming to visit me in Brisbane!  That would be her first time to visit me in Australia. After a long wait, she came with her youngest daughter in June 2007.  During their short 12-day stay, after all the necessary sightseeing and shopping, I spent a lot of time just being with them.  They even went to church with us on the two Sundays that they were here.

 On the night before her departure, my sister said to me, “What impresses me the most is not your big house, your big yard or your two busy surgeries.  It’s this peace and joy that is radiating out of your family.  What is giving you this peace and joy?”  You guessed it right. Jesus is the one! I shared with her all our experiences while she admitted all my brothers and sisters are struggling financially and emotionally.  Since my parents passed on eleven years ago, they have been worshipping our parents as if they were gods, as if they could bring them good fortune.  Like all idol worshippers, they have all these fears of doing something wrong that would anger our parents’ spirits.  Year by year, no good fortune comes after piles and piles of paper money and paper houses being burnt as sacrifices.  The worst of all, one of my elder brothers, my youngest sister and one of my nephews were possessed before.  So, she wanted to know how we are doing it so well.  I revealed to her what Christ has done for us all these years, how He stayed closely by when we had our darkest days, and the most important of all, how He transformed us.

 My sister nodded and said, “I know what I have to do now.  I will go to church with Paul (her son) as soon as I am back in Singapore.”

 Hallelujah!  After all those years of writing to my brothers and sisters, I had sort of given up.  That’s just because I didn’t have enough faith in our Lord.  I couldn’t imagine what could happen  to bring about any transformation in my brothers’ and sisters’ beliefs.  But, here you see.  God has sent the eyes to witness His great work and sent the ears to hear His good news.  Isn’t He great? Well, since then, I hold firmly onto this:

I do my best and God will do the rest.


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