Of all the things to be blessed with, souls will always be the most precious

By Sarah Poihipi

In May 2005 I went through one of the lowest, darkest times of my life- I was about to lose my mother. Although she was hospitalised for an operation to reverse a colostomy bag, it never occurred to me or anyone else that within two weeks she would be gone. She came out of the operation, initially appearing to be fine. When I  visited her with the kids on several occasions over the following few days, she was up and talking and recovering well. But on the following Saturday, my brother phoned to tell me that he was notified by the hospital that Mum suffered two seizures, and was moved to intensive care. I was scared. I went straight to the hospital only to learn that her heart did stop and she was in a medically induced coma. She was now on life support!

  Within an hour the doctor gave my brother and I the grim news- no one knew what went wrong with Mum but she was not going to live for much longer. All the family members were informed and they began to arrive at the hospital to say goodbye to Mum.

My heart was broken and I knew only one thing to do...I called Pastor Dora and asked for prayer. I was in shock. I was very frightened. But there was something more pressing to me than my Mum dying. What scared me the most was not Mum’s death, but losing her before she received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. That was what I prayed for deep down in my heart– her salvation! And it seemed to require a miracle to make it happen, because the doctors said she would never wake up.

During that time, I was greatly encouraged by Pastor Dora’s testimony that once, an unconscious lady she ministered to, later woke up from the coma and testified that she heard Pastor Dora’s words. So we prayed, and I continued to speak quietly to Mum, believing that she could hear me even in coma.

Mum was eventually taken off life support after two days. The doctors told my uncle that she was not expected to live for  more than 30 seconds without the medical apparatus. But she clung on to life. My whole life seemed to have come to a stand-still with  every second  passing, waiting for the inevitable to happen. I  did not cope well,  and neither did my family.
I came home that Thursday morning for a shower and called Pastor Dora. I was in despair.  Pastor Dora began to pray with me on the phone. When she finished I got ready to return to the hospital. Within five minutes of that prayer, my phone rang. My brother called to give me the news– Mum spoke! My Mum actually woke up and spoke! It was a miracle and all the hospital staff was amazed. But the best was yet to come…

Pastor Dora came to the hospital and we prayed with Mum as she accepted Jesus into her heart.

She was saved!

Words could not describe what that miracle meant to me. God had answered my prayers! After praying with Mum, she slipped back into coma and  went to be with the Lord later that night. I grieved and took some time to deal with all the emotions, but God's grace was all around me. I was very blessed.

All the time while I was filled with sadness over such a huge loss, there was this quiet, still voice deep inside my heart that kept strengthening me, kept encouraging me, and kept comforting me.-the voice of my God.

My faithful God. Of all the things to be blessed with, souls will always be the most precious. My Pastor stood by me, my church stood by me and my God stood by me- for that I will always be grateful. God had given me the desires of my heart.

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