My Testimony

 LaurieBy Laurie Markey

My life was turned to God in 2002. While I was living in Harvey Bay, I experienced severe chest pain on and off for about 3 months. One day when I had just finished my shift as a bus driver, I did not feel well. I went to sit down in the reception room, but awoke 2 hours later unable to remember what had just happened. The next day I went down to Brisbane for my appointment with my arthritis specialist, but because I was unwell again, my wife, Evelyn, cancelled the appointment and spoke to my doctor about my condition. We were then advised to see a heart specialist. The heart specialist sent me for an echocardiogram to check my heart’s condition.

After the test, I was told to see the specialist again before I could leave. The results showed that I had an enlarged heart and that my blood pump efficiency was only 21% which was very low. Then I was confronted with the devastating news that there was nothing the medical professions could do to help me and I would not live much longer- “A few months maybe.” I had been a hard worker all my life and was distraught that my life could end so soon… 

The next day I went to see Dr. Daphne Liu with the results. After that I sold everything in Harvey Bay and moved to Brisbane to stay closer to medical help and a hospital. When we went to see Dr Daphne again she asked if I would like to go to her church. As I was raised a good Christian, I jumped at the chance of bringing Jesus to the forefront of my and Evelyn’s life.

As soon as I arrived at the Watersprings Faith Church, I was pleasantly greeted by Pastor Dora and Dr. Daphne as well as other brothers and sisters there. After 3 month, Ps. Dora prophesied to me that God had given me a new heart. I visited my heart specialist 6 months later and the test confirmed the improvement of my heart function to 32% efficiency, an increase of 11% ! I was so relieved and my heart doctor couldn’t believe it. I knew it was by God’s grace that I was witnessing this miracle so I kept attending church every Sunday and Bible Studies every Friday night. In addition, Ps. Dora would pray over me at church, as well as during the weekly prayer meetings together with the prayer team. I myself also kept praying, staying positive and in faith, and believing that I would get well and return to the normality of life which I had in the past.

I was reviewed again in another 18 months. Praise the Lord! By that stage, my heart efficiency had improved by another 12% to 44%! God was so good and I knew in my heart that it was the prayers offered on my behalf that helped me thus far. It was 3 1/2 years from the first diagnosis that I was able to go back to gardening, fishing and shopping like I used to. Now whenever I experienced pain Ps Dora’s and my prayers would make me feel well again.

Apart from healing me of heart failure, the Lord also healed me of an overactive thyroid. It was caused by a particular heart medication. Due to this condition, I became very ill to the extent that sometimes I was unable to attend church. My thyroid specialist told me that the only way to definitively treat it was to remove the gland. However, my chance of surviving the operation was very low, only between 15% and 30%. I know I had to trust God again so I cancelled the scheduled operation. Meanwhile Ps. Dora kept encouraging me that God would heal me, and the whole prayer team kept interceding for me.

When I could not come to church, she would ring to pray for me over the phone. I kept trusting God for His grace, but as my condition did not seem to improve, I made another appointment for the operation. Meanwhile, Ps Dora continued to build my faith in the Lord. Prior to the surgery I had a final blood test, the result of which showed some improvement. So I cancelled the 2nd scheduled operation. We continued to believe God, and amazingly, within 2 weeks, another test revealed that all traces of thyroid abnormality had vanished. All praise and glory belong to God for He healed me again!! I feel so blessed and I adore the Lord Jesus with my heart and soul.

This is now 5 years since I was given a grim report on my health, but now by the grace of God, I am still going fishing with my brothers at church. I love the Watersprings Faith Church and Ps. Dora, who gave me strength and the love of God to keep on praying and living the Word of the Father. Amen.


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