His kingdom ruleth over all

By Dora Siu

Queensland experienced the worst Rain storm in the last week, the dam was filled to its capacity, the rivers were flooded and the rain was pouring.  11,900 homes in Brisbane were fully flooded and 14,700 were partially flooded. Me and our prayer team believed God to abort the situation, the demonic work in the heavenlies while the weather forecast continued to predict heavy rain and cyclone and king tide! We trusted in the Lord, I had the confidence and the victory already in my spirit.

The next day, the sky was clear, the sun was shinning; the weather forecast said fine day for the whole week.  This was exactly what we prayed for!  Praise the Lord!  This made the rescue work possible and easier as they could go into the trapped and hidden places.  Then the authority said that the Brisbane River would peak at 5.5M, flooding many homes and properties; especially due to the King Tide that’s coming from the oceans as well.  We gathered Wed. morning 12/1; praying in the Spirit; I heard myself praying and commanding the volume of water to decrease, to shrink; commanding the water to go under the earth, to be evaporated, to supernaturally decrease in volume in ways that we don’t have to know.  Every one of our prayer warriors immediately lay hold of the revelation and decree this in the spirit.  The River this morning peaked at “Residents in the Queensland capital this morning awoke to the good news the river has peaked at 4.46 metres, more than a metre below the predicted peak of 5.5m. The 1974 flood, the worst of last century, was 5.45 metres.” Sydney Morning Herald

Also, all through this time, the rain most of the time stopped, once became showers at our Wed. Fri. and Sunday services, both start and end!
All of our church members are preserved and protected!  And we are into helping the others!

God is Great!!!  WE serve the God who rules at the top, His Kingdom rules over all!
Psalms 103:19 - The LORD hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all.
James 5:16 - The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].

This photo of Wivenhoe dam which stands between Brisbane and the water shows just how close we got to a major catastrophe during those floods.
Thank heavens someone was looking out for us all!

Wivenhoe dam at 190% capacity


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