The sale of a property

By Dewi

Shalom, everyone.

I’d like to testify how Jesus had blessed & helped me during my 3 weeks visit to Jakarta.

I went back to Jakarta on 23th Nov in a hurry because there were a lot of buyers who wanted to buy my mum’s house after we had put it on market for just  2days. So, I bought a 3 weeks Singapore airline ticket  which wasn’t refundable and I had to returned by 15th Dec.

Before I left Jakarta, I was so worried about my family here and my new Part-Time job. Most of all, I was very concerned if I would have troubles again with some of the people with whom I had had problem in the past. So, before I left for Indonesia, I talked to Pastor Dora and asked her to pray for me.  She prayed for my protection, peace and the smooth sale of the property. Every time when I was down or scared, I read my favourite  verse Isaiah 41:10 Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand and I Prayed to Jesus that He is my power, my shield and in Him only I believe; and the result was very effective. 

Jesus had helped me to change an impossible negotiation to become possible.

My real estate agent was not an easy person, he gave me a lot of  difficult conditions in the selling of the house. He chased me every day and forced me to accept the down payment of 10% since 24th Nov. But, I rejected his request due to some legal documents were missing that need to be finalised prior accepting the down payment. I got so upset whenever I debated with him. But I prayed to Jesus about all of the problems that I faced such as:  the missing documentations, renewal of the family registration card, a difficult agent and much more.

Jesus really helped me & fulfilled all my wishes. Firstly, He provided me with a good lawyer & solicitor. So, the missing documentations were re-created within 5 days and I accepted the 10% of down payment at 30th Nov.

Secondly, Jesus gave me a nice buyer who could pay in full in cash 3 days earlier before the due date which is 7th Dec and he also agreed to use my solicitor Thirdly, we were spared from extra commission money to the agent.  Finally, it took less than 2weeks to finish the whole process. That meant I was able to make it back to Brisbane in time, before 15th Dec. for my new job.

All my relatives were surprised that I was able to finish the sale of the property within such a short time. They all praised me very much and told my younger sister that she is blessed to have such a competent sister like me.  I told them it was not me in myself , but the  very very powerful God who is always with me and He holds my hand in every situation of my life.  My Jesus never lets me down. I am so proud to have such a powerful and mighty God like Jesus.


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