Never the Same

by Joshua Clark

You might have heard people say how much their lives have changed for the better since they found GOD. For me, it is definitely TRUE!

For years I was what you might call a ‘fake’ Christian. I believed that God existed but my mind wasn’t on Him. I would try to understand the bible, give tithes and attend church every week. But my thoughts were very negative. Therefore I became depressed and stored up a lot of anger inside. Consequently, my family relationship suffered and I even got into a lot of trouble with the law.


It took me many months and years to realize that just praying to GOD when I was in need was not the perfect will of God for me. Simply going to church once a week, hoping for my sins to be forgiven and then going out to sin all over again just would not work! So I decided to change.

Initially, I faced a lot of challenges and temptations which were difficult to overcome. I received counseling from my church pastor and prayers from fellow Christians, and I started to be more in control of my emotions and temper. My relationship with my family was gradually restored, and now we are much closer and able to communicate more- I am so blessed with a beautiful wife and two gorgeous children!  To top it off, I received an electrical apprenticeship which I’ve been hoping for for over two years! The stronger I grew in faith, the more blessings and grace I received from God! Everything I prayed for, God granted me- even more than what I could ask or think!

You probably thought that I had had all the fun and done all that I wanted to do before I was willing to follow GOD. (You might even think about doing that yourself!) But I tell you it did NOT work! God loves to manifest all the blessings and miracles for you, when you follow Him wholeheartedly!! When you love GOD with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, I can promise you that your life will never be the same again!



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