He Never Changed

by Ruhia Jones

17 years ago, I asked Jesus into my life to be my Lord and Savior. I loved it, and within a few weeks I became a bible- believing, tongue-talking Christian. A couple of months later, I was baptised!!! At the time, baptism for me was a real serious decision-- I either go all-out for God, or “jump off the wagon” now. Thankfully, even though I didn't understand much of what I was doing,


God had already begun a good work in me.

A big obstacle for me as a new Christian was to comprehend how God could possibly love someone so filthy as I was. For so long, I believed that all the abuse I suffered was the punishment I deserved for being bad. I wanted God but I really didn't know how to trust Him. Was He going to be just like those who abused me? Nice for a while and then hit you when you least expect it? Then God blessed me with a vision. In it I saw myself being a very young girl again. There was a most beautiful playground I had ever seen, so bright and inviting, so innocent and safe. But to get there, I had to walk through a dark tunnel and I was petrified. Right then, Jesus came and took my hand and walked me through the tunnel. He even played with me at the park for a long while. It was such a blessing.

A short time after this, while I was still tormented with hurts from the past, God showed me Isaiah 52:1-3 and the revelation of it strengthened and comforted me. Even right up to this day, I still cherish these two experiences with the Lord, because I know my Lord loves me and He knows exactly what we can bear and what we need during challenging times. What is precious to me is that God will never ever let us down. He is truly the same yesterday, today and forever. When you come from a life where everyday was so unpredictable, it is good to have a loving Father who never changes.

 God bless you all!!



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