GOD is Loving and Merciful

God is Loving & Merciful, Not Harsh and Bitter

There had been a lot of disasters, in so many places, in such big scales; but actually, the world is very tragic:-strife, hurts, disappointments, poverty, lack, relationship break down, sickness, accidents, the list goes on and on.

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As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!

by Dr.Daphne Liu


Since we were born, my parents focused all their attention on educating us, and instilling strong family values into our young minds. Being the eldest child, I was always involved in decision-making, and my parents gave me a platform to achieve my very best under their guidance. They were my rock, and my best friends.

Then in my high-school years, I attended a church camp. Being new to Australia, I desperately wanted my social circle to broaden, and it was there I met my Greatest Friend - Jesus. I started attending church regularly, and loved hearing sermons. God removed the inferiority complex from within, and gave my future a deep sense of calling and responsibility. I was delivered from sorrows and depression, even suicidal thoughts, to become positive in my outlook. My life was meaningful and full of hope.

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Sharing 25 years and it's getting better and better and better! Amen!

by Mrs Winnie Lam

Praise the Lord that we are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in September! And if you ask me how my married life is? The answer is I am very thankful to the Lord.

I want to share with you that before seeking a better marriage, seek God first.  I put my relationship with the Lord first so that I will be prepared and equipped to minister to my husband.  As I grow in the Lord, my married life is getting better and better!  I believe all marriages have stormy times and it is our choice to sail through them with the grace and strength from the Lord or keep going in our own way.

Men and women have very different personalities.  Leon is an “efficient” person who always aims to complete all his tasks in the shortest possible time and easily multi-tasks.  He never slows down while I like to deal with every thing step by step and be well organized.  At the beginning of our married life, he always asked why I was so slow and would push me fast, fast, faster! Even when we would share a meal in a nice restaurant, he would quickly finish his food while I still had a lot on my plate.  He never likes to spend more time than necessary on anything.  It may not be a big thing to many couples but it created quite a number of unhappy situations in different areas of our married life.  Both of us have been harsh to each other because of this clash but God has opened our eyes and taught us to complement each other with our differences.  At the same time we have both had to learn to adjust ourselves to work together and not against each other.

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I do my best and God will do the rest

by Lee Wan

I am the only one out of the ten children in my family who is saved.  Over a period of a few years, I wrote to my brothers and sisters in Singapore and Malaysia, sharing the joy and peace that I received from our Lord.  I normally wrote one letter addressed to all my brothers and sisters and sent a photocopy to each, as I didn’t have the time to write to each one of them.  I never mentioned anything about asking them to repent and receive Christ Jesus as their Saviour.  All my brothers and sisters except my youngest sister were too busy to reply to my letters anyway.  So, I never expected any reply from them.

One day, I received a letter from my youngest sister.  She only wrote me this, “You can believe in whatever you want to believe.  Don’t you ever mention anything about your God to us any more.”  I was very hurt.  All that I wanted to do was to share my joy, which was and still is overflowing.  I find it so hard to contain and hold it back.  So, this was all that I was doing.  Of course, I was hoping that through reading my letters, they could understand the reason of my joy.

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Of all the things to be blessed with, souls will always be the most precious

By Sarah Poihipi

In May 2005 I went through one of the lowest, darkest times of my life- I was about to lose my mother. Although she was hospitalised for an operation to reverse a colostomy bag, it never occurred to me or anyone else that within two weeks she would be gone. She came out of the operation, initially appearing to be fine. When I  visited her with the kids on several occasions over the following few days, she was up and talking and recovering well. But on the following Saturday, my brother phoned to tell me that he was notified by the hospital that Mum suffered two seizures, and was moved to intensive care. I was scared. I went straight to the hospital only to learn that her heart did stop and she was in a medically induced coma. She was now on life support!

  Within an hour the doctor gave my brother and I the grim news- no one knew what went wrong with Mum but she was not going to live for much longer. All the family members were informed and they began to arrive at the hospital to say goodbye to Mum.

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