My Testimony

 LaurieBy Laurie Markey

My life was turned to God in 2002. While I was living in Harvey Bay, I experienced severe chest pain on and off for about 3 months. One day when I had just finished my shift as a bus driver, I did not feel well. I went to sit down in the reception room, but awoke 2 hours later unable to remember what had just happened. The next day I went down to Brisbane for my appointment with my arthritis specialist, but because I was unwell again, my wife, Evelyn, cancelled the appointment and spoke to my doctor about my condition. We were then advised to see a heart specialist. The heart specialist sent me for an echocardiogram to check my heart’s condition.

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The sale of a property

By Dewi

Shalom, everyone.

I’d like to testify how Jesus had blessed & helped me during my 3 weeks visit to Jakarta.

I went back to Jakarta on 23th Nov in a hurry because there were a lot of buyers who wanted to buy my mum’s house after we had put it on market for just  2days. So, I bought a 3 weeks Singapore airline ticket  which wasn’t refundable and I had to returned by 15th Dec.

Before I left Jakarta, I was so worried about my family here and my new Part-Time job. Most of all, I was very concerned if I would have troubles again with some of the people with whom I had had problem in the past. So, before I left for Indonesia, I talked to Pastor Dora and asked her to pray for me.  She prayed for my protection, peace and the smooth sale of the property.

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His kingdom ruleth over all

By Dora Siu

Queensland experienced the worst Rain storm in the last week, the dam was filled to its capacity, the rivers were flooded and the rain was pouring.  11,900 homes in Brisbane were fully flooded and 14,700 were partially flooded. Me and our prayer team believed God to abort the situation, the demonic work in the heavenlies while the weather forecast continued to predict heavy rain and cyclone and king tide! We trusted in the Lord, I had the confidence and the victory already in my spirit.

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